Mi Amigos Musica that Moves Me (Numero Uno)


songs from friends and bands that i’m digging on

Benny O – She’s So Fine
The Complex Anthem – Something Complex – Deep Cuts Mixtape
Lovely Man – Bella’s Bartok – These Are Our Arms
Confuse – Moves!!! – Johnny America
Now – Friends Of Yours – Contagious
Zombie Paradise – Gyuri Kepes – Miniwheat Halloween
What To Look For In Your Face – Doug Hewitt – Picasso Tomato
Maldito – Downtown Boys
The Rapper (feat. Soul Divide) – Mucho Greazy – Greazy Duzzit
Rhythm/Shiprap – Shiprock & Anchor Dog
I Don’t Feel No Different – Baby K – The East Coast Earthquake
Goodie Newser – Rabbit Rabbit – Touch The Winter Wino
Eratosthenes, You Make My World Go Round – The Heavy Sweater Band – Jerk Castle
Duck Face – Gamble – Its Not Beautiful
King Of England – Eric Cuhna – Hobbin Rude
The Farthest Song – Athens – What Would We Wear Were We Wearwolves?
Watch the Sound – Therm&Soul – Homebrew
Morning Is Breaking – Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray – We’re From Here
Time Behind – The Suitcase Junket – Knock it Down
Winter Rose – Adam Lempel – Instrumentals


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